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Beautiful flesh colors of camouflage gels enriched by semi-metal Crystal and Vitamin B.

Beautiful builder gel, which not only camouflages the nail bed, but also creates the modeling layer. Medium consistency. Covers in one layer. Suitable for natural nails modeling, also for tips and templates. Repairs nail imperfections, whereby nails look really naturally and healthy.

Does not leak into the nail bed.

Application is delicate and fast – saves your time and money.


Apply the Superbond 10ml liquid on the prepared nail. Apply the thin layer of bonding or one-phase gel and let it cure for 2-3 min. Use Make-up in thin or builder layer. After that, proceed as with the classic procedure. If the customer has nail problems, apply the Superbond 10 ml in 2 layers.


Beautiful flesh color camouflages nail imperfections. Can be used with french manicure. Wonderful flesh color looks naturally and clear.

Its structure is strong and elastic, whereby keeps its soft texture.

Color: alabaster
Curing time: 3min

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